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Being ready to enter the workforce will bring together many of the things you have done so far in your life.  Skills and abilities you have developed and experiences you have had combine to make you that special person who is ready to succeed in a new job experience!  The key to connecting with the right job opportunities is being able to express to a potential employer just what it is you have to offer.

You are unique!  There is no one in the world just like you.  Expressing your uniqueness is a challenge. This site recognizes that your uniqueness can be seen not only in the package you will present to employers – it can be used to make the process of learning about career readiness a better experience for you!

To get you to where you need to be, we will be building your products – a set of documents that you can use to provide employers with the information they need to get to know you.  However, as you work towards creating your products, you will be learning lots of new information.  To learn effectively you will need a process that is best suited to you as a learner.  There are so many resources available to help you through your process that you could spend far too much time and effort just locating the resources that might work for you.  This site will help you to figure out the best places to start based on who you are and how you learn best.

Start by using the controls on the left to learn how to apply your learning preferences to the choices you will make on this site. Then use the tabs above to begin working on your pocket resume, your job application skills, resume and cover letter writing.