Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollments and Articulations

Communication Technologies is understood to be a course aimed at strengthening transition for students. To support this, educational pathways into the program and after the program have been identified and programming established to aid students in transitioning into and beyond the program.

Concurrent Enrollment With Community College of Vermont

Over the past eight years, a partnership has evolved which allows academically qualified students to earn up to nine college credits over a two year enrollment period. Semester length courses, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, and Digital Photography are available. As this program focuses on transition and college readiness, emphasis is placed on ensuring that students have college ready academic skills in order to enroll. The Accuplacer placement test is used as a measure of this. Students who enter the program with the ability to meet the college’s cut scores are eligible for entry in their first semester. Students whose scores indicate need for further study are provided with targeted, individualized remedial instruction to support the development of the requisite academic skills. They may re-test periodically and upon achieving the cut scores, they may enter the program at the next available course.

Concurrent enrollment is about more than taking coursework for credit. As an opportunity to get a taste of college, students are exposed to processes including application, course registration, financial aid and transcript request. Access to the Hartness Library and all services provided through the CCV Student Portal support the students’ developing understanding of college level academics and practical considerations associated with post-secondary enrollment.

Credits issued appear on a standard CCV transcript and may be transferred to other post-secondary institutions in accordance with their transfer credit policies. Historically, students have been highly successful in transferring credits, including in major requirements, to a wide variety of colleges.

Addition of a fourth course, Digital Image Manipulation, is currently under consideration, and there is potential for offering English Composition as an after school contract course in the future.

Communication Technologies is at the center of the Career Development Center’s Dual Enrollment programming, with the instructor acting as liaison to the college for all programs. This includes participation in the colleges planning regarding program accreditation through NESAC and NACEP.

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Lyndon State College – Through a portfolio review process, program completers may be exempted from entry level coursework in the Graphic Design major.

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Southern Vermont College – Successful program completers are granted admissions preference into the Communications Major through the college’s Humanities Division.

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Preparing students for entry into the program

Foundation Coursework:

Forming a direct tie into the Communication Technologies program, the foundation course Print & Design Studio offers ninth and tenth grade students a semester length interest block of opportunity to try on the communication technologies program. Through a series of project based units, students work with the software and printing technologies in ways that promote readiness to hit the ground running as that enter Communication Technologies. The thematic content of the projects relates to personal and career development and exploration, in order to offer students opportunity to consider choices they can make towards a successful future.

Sophomore Summit

On an annual basis, Communication Technologies participates in the regional sophomore summit, an event that brings students to a college campus where they participate in workshops and discussion panels on career pathways of their choosing. Current students volunteer as ambassadors, and the instructor and advisory committee members serve as facilitators, panelists and presenters.

Tours and Activities for Elementary, Middle School Students, and High School Freshmen

Several times each year, the Communication Technologies shop opens its doors to younger students who can tour the facilities and participate in hands on activities to learn more about creative careers.

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