About this Project

This Collaborative Plan was developed as part of EDU 759 at the University of New England. The course, taught by Greg Miller, is part of the M.S.Ed. CTE Concentration.

About the Author

Barbara Gorbaty Is currently completing her M.S.Ed. with a concentration in Career and technical Education at the University of New England. She has taught at the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center in Bennington Vermont for eighteen years. She teaches the Communication Technologies Program, drawing together students who have varied interests in graphic design, writing and digital media. The course includes theory, technology, software and production work, allowing students opportunity to explore numerous functions in the communications and graphics industries. She also teaches graphic design courses for the Community College of Vermont and editing and publishing at Southern Vermont College.

Permissions & Confidentiality

As this portfolio contains student related content, I have taken steps to ensure student privacy as required by F.E.R.P.A.  Further, as some content is clearly creative work related to students’ professional goals, appropriate permissions to use creative materials have been secured from the creators.
  1. Where student work or images are presented, items including names and faces may be obscured to ensure privacy
  2. In cases where student names or images are visible, releases of information are in place.

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