Communication Technologies Program

Communication Technologies, the first program of its kind approved by the State of Vermont was developed to serve the needs of students seeking to enter careers in the communications field. It combines instruction in graphic design, professional writing and digital communications to provide an overview of how creative professionals across a range of disciplines work together to produce media.

Careers in writing, design or production offer creative people limitless opportunities. Communication Technologies challenges students to explore their creative potential while developing the technical skills and expertise needed for success in these highly competitive fields.

Students explore careers within industries including web page design, electronic and print publishing, advertising, public relations, and journalism. Students gain experience in using state-of-the-art software and equipment in the design and production of their work. Students work with digital imaging, desktop publishing, graphic arts and animation software. Instruction is project based and students apply what they learn directly to the print and media products they produce. After being exposed to all areas, students will choose one or more areas in which to specialize. They develop a career-learning plan that will serve as their guide as they begin in-depth study in their area(s) of choice. Each student will develop a portfolio through he or she will demonstrate the quality of their work to colleges and potential employers.

The course is rich with experiential learning opportunities, as students run a micro-business which offers design and production services to local not-for-profit and community groups. Students provide design and production services that support five area schools through production of programs and publicity for music and drama activities as well as publications of student work and promotion of special projects.

Students can also work with our industry partners through Co-op. Our program advisory committee, made op of business and education representatives ensures that the program offers high quality instruction that is consistent with industry trends.
The course provides high quality embedded academic instruction in English/Language Arts, with a curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Through relationships with the Community College of Vermont and other schools and institutions, pathways into the program and into postsecondary education and training are strong. Academically qualified students can earn up to nine college credits as part of their coursework.

Association with SkillsUSA and the National Technical Honor Society allow students to connect with peers across the state and the nation.

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As a two year technical program, the Communication Technology curriculum is rich and diverse. It is divided among several segments including:

  • The Technical Program
  • English Communications Embedded, Common Core aligned academic coursework in English/Language Arts
  • CCV Dual Enrollment coursework

Syllabi for these segments can be viewed here


People have plenty to say about Communication Technologies. Check out some of the testimonials and letters of thanks we’ve received.

Student Gallery

Students are the heart and soul of the Communication Technologies Program. Through a combination of classroom activities, live work projects and other experiences, students grow and develop towards readiness to enter the communications industry.

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