Student, Parent, Alumni and other Community Collaborations

CTSO’s (Career and Technical Student Organizations)


Communication Technologies Students are active participants in the local and state chapters of SkillsUSA. Annually, students attend the statewide leadership conference and technical program competetions competitions.

The SkillsUSA Professional Development Program Curicuum is aligned to the employability skills curriculum provided to all Communication Technologies Students

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National Technical Honor Society

Communication Technologies students are eligible for induction into the National Technical Honor Society as described in the following selection from the CDC Student Handbook

The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is a nationally recognized organization for
promoting excellence in workforce education to meet the demands of today's quality driven
businesses and industries. Members of the CDC Chapter of the National Technical Honor
Society will have opportunities to attend leadership conferences and help in the recruitment of
new students to the CDC.

Fewer than two percent of America's secondary students are nominated for membership into
this prestigious organization.
The purposes of the CDC Chapter of National -Technical Honor Society are:
• To promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership at the CDC and in the community.
• To reward scholastic achievements in a program of academic and modern technical education.
• To assist members in their pursuit of career and educational goals
• To help build and maintain a stronger, more positive image of technical education and the CDC.
• To encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct and individual
• To advance the growth and ideals of the Society through the educational community.

To become a member of the NTHS a student must fulfill the following requirements:
• Maintain a 90 average or above in their technical program and current English class combined.
• Complete the core competencies in their technical program for the year.
• Maintain a 3.0 average or above in their high school career.
• Have no more than 10 absences from their program.
• Demonstrate good character and leadership qualities.
• Participate in extra curricular activities like clubs, sports, community service or employment.
• Be recommended by their Program Instructor and CDC Guidance Coordinator.
• Be elected by the CDC faculty and staff.

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Parent/Family Outreach

Communication Technologies recognizes the important partnership between home and school in supporting student success. The following activities are directed towards building these important relationships.
Routine teacher outreach to parents/families by phone & email with a minimum goal of one contact per semester for each student
Parent guardian access to Edline website and Moodle website
Two Parent teacher events per year and availability of instructor for individual meetings

Alumni Organization

The CDC Alumni Committee is developing plans to improve networking and support Alumni events. This initiative began in the fall of 2013, and is making progress towards developing lists of interested alumni and developing events of interest to them. The effort stems from an attempt to add structure to alumni relations which is already strong within some CDC programs

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