About this Website

This Online Toolkit was developed as part of the course EDU 755: Literacy in CTE, University of New England, Spring 2014 Julie Meltzer, Ph.D, Instructor.

Within Career and Technical Education there is great opportunity to support literacy development among a population of students who may not have demonstrated academic inclination in traditional settings.  This toolkit explores important aspects of literacy within CTE as they apply to one technical program. The Communication Technologies program at the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center prepares students in careers in fields including graphic design, digital media and professional writing.  This toolkit has been developed to provide resources and inspiration towards richly integrating reading, writing, listening and speaking into this course.

The web page asks questions

The website provides examples

Most importantly, this website provides a space in which these important ideas are presented as a reminder and an encouragement that direct instruction in literacy skills can support students within the CTE classroom.



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