Reading for the Communication Technologies Program

Below are samples of the kinds of texts used in the graphics and communications fields.  Depending on a person’s specialization, the reading needs can vary widely.

Sample 1 Instruction Sheet - Neenah IMAGE CLIP Laser Light Transfer Paper for Color Laser

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Context: Instruction sheets like the one below are routinely used in shops that work with a variety of specialty materials including transfer papers, specialty vinyl films, inks, and non-standard substrates.  The material instructions and specifications include specifications that are critical to the outcome of work, and failure to process correctly will often lead to unacceptable results.  The availability of the materials being used changes rapidly, and as new products or new versions of products become available, the user needs to verify the match between the exact product and its instructions.  The text sample is from a supplier website, and the page on which it is found contains sheets for nine different transfer papers. These include multiple formats: scanned print pages with & without graphics, text documents in several formats.


Sample 2

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Designing With Type Chapter 1

Context: The sample is drawn from a textbook on typography.  It serves several purposes.  First, it suggests the need for ongoing education in the field.  Postsecondary study is a necessity for nearly all workers within the communications field.  Formal education is a prerequisite for many positions, and less formal continuing education through workshops, webinars and online training is essential for keeping up with both industry trends and new technologies.  Second, it shows the critical relationship between reading text and associated visuals within the field.  More so than in some other fields, critical information is conveyed visually; reading text and image concurrently is necessary.  Third, the segment emphasizes the sheer quantity of technical vocabulary that exists. This sample is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the critical terminology; similar vocabulary sets exist in nearly every niche of the communications industry --  from the rhetoric of ad copy writing, to the minutia of paper folding and finishing.  No one keeps it all in her head.   A book such as this one might provide ready reference to an experienced professional who is seeking to solve a problem or communicate effectively with peers regarding a problem or issue.

Sample 3

City of Beacon Website RFP

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Context: This is an actual RFP presented by the City of Beacon, NY to solicit proposals for web work.  While entry level employees would not likely be responsible for preparing a proposal based on an RFP, reading documents such as this will help them to understand project scope, specifications, and the contractual model that underlies creative work.   



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