Hi! I'm Barbara Gorbaty.
I am in the M.S.ed.program with a concentration in Career and Technical Education.  I teach at the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center in Bennington Vermont.  My school offers two year career and technical programs for high school juniors and seniors.  I also teach introductory courses for freshmen and sophomores.  As you can guess, I’m in the CTE program.  I've been teaching at the CDC (no, really, that’s what we call it locally) for seventeen years.  Before that, I taught at a Job Corps Center for a few years. I guess you could say I’m a die-hard tech ed. person.  However, I started my career as a high school English teacher.

I teach a program called Communication Technologies.  It is the best of all worlds, as I draw together students who have varied interests in graphic design, writing and digital media and we basically do a lot of cool, creative stuff.  We also do a lot of theory, technology, software and production work.  The class meets for ninety minutes a day one semester and two-and-a-half hours the other semester.  The students complain of having not enough time even in the long semester.  I am blessed with a great lab that includes a good variety of printing equipment, including capabilities for wide format and vinyl work.  We use the resources to run a classroom business that does media and promotion work for local organizations.  For example, when the chamber of commerce runs a festival, we’re often the ones who do the promotional work including everything from street banners, to lawn signs, to newspaper ads and posters.

Another part of my day is spent teaching English to students in the other technical programs, classes like automotive, forestry, building trades and such.  While some teachers might not enjoy working with kids who typically come in turned off to language arts, I love it.  We keep it very grounded in reality.  I focus on business and technical writing, and work to get kids to see the benefits of developing their literacy skills.

I live in Brunswick, NY with my husband, Jeff, my daughter, Hannah and Penny, the dog. Feel free to contact me at bgorbaty@svcdc.org.