Congradulatons on being confident in your knowledge of your own learning styles and preferences.

All of the resources listed on this website are coded to direct you to materials that are suited to your learning preferences.

book Reading These materials allow you to read information at a pace that suits you
eye Visual Information These materials have lots of examples and visual components.  They are well suited for people who thrive on seeing models of how things should look.
ear Audio Information If you learn by listening, these resources will provide the material in an auditory form that will help you connect to it. Many of these are in video format.
hands Interactive activity If you learn by doing, these resources will provide you with the opportunity to engage with the material as you work through the content.

With this knowledge in hand you can begin each section by viewing the introductory slideshow and then go on to study the topic further using the resources best suited to you.

Here's to your success in generating a great set of career documents!