This website was developed as a final project for EDU 610, Differentiation Theory & Strategies, University of New England, Spring 2013.   I have developed this website that provides differentiated learning materials on workplace readiness skills. I have categorized resources according to the learning preferences that they might best serve.  Additionally, I have provided information on learning styles and differentiated instruction to help students consider their own learning preferences in relation to the resources.
I have been actively considering the ways I can use differentiation to increase students’ depth of understanding about writing work related documents – resumes, cover letters, etc.. There are many online resources for this which I DON'T recommend to students because they (1) presuppose a level of understanding of the documents that high school students may not have (2) offer quick and easy strategies for developing resumes and cover letters that do not meet the needs of many high school students and (3) provide cookie-cutter templates and formats that do not adequately describe the skills, interests and abilities of young people. Getting students to understand that career development is more than an online wizard is a goal here. It requires thinking, introspection, creativity and attention to detail. I believe that by categorizing materials by the learning patterns of different sorts of learners, I might be better able to guide each student towards a set of resources and strategies that guide them towards their own set of best practices for this area of learning.
I invite your comments and feedback about this website.  Please feel free to contact me at