Start by viewing the slideshow about resumes, then choose the resources below to help you better understand the process of resume writing. As you learn or afterward, prepare a resume of your own to keep in your folder


The Resources

bookhands Creating Your High School Portfolio Classroom Resource see p130-133
bookhandseye  Creating Your High School Resume Classroom Resource see p 1-26 Electronic p.  67-71 Paper p. 72-80 CD Templates
book Technical Writing for Success Classroom Resource see p248-266
earhands Create a Professional Resume Youtube Video -- step by step writing process uning MS Word
ear How to Write a Resume - Dos and Don'ts (HD) | Quality Resume   Youtube Video
hands Quintessential Careers: Teen Resume Writing Worksheet Online Worksheet
ear Resume Writing Tips, How To Write a Creative Resume & Get a Job by Michelle, WriteByNight Youtube Video
eareye Resume Writing Tutorial Youtube Video
ear Résumé Writing Video Tutorial Youtube Video
bookeye Workplace Communications The Basics Classroom Resource see p 170-175
bookhands Writers inc. School to Work a Student handbook Classroom Resource see p.206